Hence empowers General Counsels and corporate legal teams to select the right external lawyer and law firm every time.


Companies are constantly assigning external legal work. But finding the lawyer or law firm with the right expertise at the right price is time consuming and often imprecise. That’s why we built Hence – to bring the power of high-signal data to law firm selection.

Hence is the AI-powered platform that helps you choose the best lawyer for every job – saving you time, driving efficiencies and building confidence in your decisions.


Hence creates a single knowledge-base to harness what you know about your lawyers. We take the data you have in your hard-to-use financial, billing and matter management systems. We enable collaboration so your team shares its feedback and evaluations of law firms with each other. And we bring in all the external information you wish you know about those you trust with your most strategic matters. All so you can pick the best lawyer match every time.


We leverage enterprise-grade security & data management offered by the Palantir Technologies Foundry platform. 

Foundry powers our world-class AI and data capabilities, utilising data from across your business and channelling it into actionable insights to better manage your external counsel options.


Hence enables General Counsels and Legal Operations teams to manage across tens, hundreds or thousands of in-house lawyers each partnering with a multitude of external law firms and lawyers. By improving selection of lawyers in real-time, the department transforms into a more efficient operation. Costs are cut, outcomes are improved and efficiency is increased. Hence also enables department leaders to drive better diversity and inclusion as well as alignment with sustainability goals.
“The legal industry – similar to many professional services – has always suffered from a lack of data about performance and value, creating the conditions for an imperfect marketplace and decisions based on relationships held at the firm level. Hence is using technology to shine a light on how individual lawyers perform which, in turn will enable better value-based decisions to be made by their clients”
Al Giles, former Chief Revenue Officer at Axiom
“Hence brings global talent and cutting-edge tech to deliver a first of its kind relationship intelligence platform – so that business leaders can confidently use data to make decisions about their providers and accelerate business outcomes.”
Karin Knox, former Head of Philanthropy at Palantir
“A single company can impact a much larger ecosystem through selecting providers who share its same values of diversity, equity and inclusion. Hence sheds light on a company’s knowledge supply chain, ultimately amplifying company values through the entire value chain”
Lisa Shu, Executive Director Newton Venture Program
“Hence brings together your billing and matter data with a wealth of external sources to help you precisely match the right lawyer every time. And we make it a breeze for General Counsels to implement and manage policies and panel arrangements”
Juan Pujadas, Former Vice-Chair PWC Global Advisory Services
“The impact of selecting the wrong firm – or allowing providers to get away with poor performance – can be huge, which is why the information and intelligence Hence can offer is so vital and beneficial for clients”
Peter Smith, Author of Bad Buying
“Professional services firms have an outsized impact relative to spend on their clients’ performance, culture and reputation. Yet, most companies don’t evaluate their service providers with the same rigour as goods suppliers. Hence ensures that companies get maximum value from what are often their most critical but under-managed suppliers.”
Rohitesh Dhawan, CEO International Council on Mining and Metals
“I’ve built, bought and sold businesses large and small and worked with consultants and lawyers all over the world. Despite all my experience, I still mostly need to rely on referrals and reputation to find and select new providers. I invested in Hence because I want ti be able to make these decisions with much more data at my disposal and I think Hence has the team to make that happen”
Daglar Cizmeci, Entrepreneur and Investor
“Hence has a pioneering solution to this pervasive and costly problem built in an innovative and actionable way”
Michael Brunt, Former GM of The Times & Publisher/COO of The Economist
“Data-driven insights are becoming the gold standard for decision making at every level of every industry. We invested in Hence because it’s time to brind that discipline to the $2 trillion market for professional services. Hence has the right team to scale their technology and drive deeper insights into provider relationships around the world”
Kevin Kamer, Founder of Dubble Capital Ventures

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