Hence Technologies to Leverage Palantir Foundry, read more.

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Hence secures $1.8M seed to grow its legal services sourcing technology, Read More.     Startups — it’s time to ditch your CEO, Read More.     Hence Technologies to Leverage Palantir Foundry, Read More

Take control of your legal services relationships

Hence empowers corporate legal teams through precision matching driven by data and AI. 

In-house legal teams need to drive more performance from their external counsel at a lower spend.

Hence is uniquely built to ensure you are working with the best providers to meet your organizational goals.

Hence gives you the confidence to develop better provider relationships by helping you use the information you already have combined with the information you don’t have, but wish you did.

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A single place to find and compare consultants and lawyers you work with, have worked with, and might want to work with in the future.

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An environment to compare consultants and lawyers based on your needs, experiences, and values, not just what they are selling.



Learn from your experiences, and those like you, to make more informed decisions that get better over time.

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Getting the most from your provider relationships

Seach and see your provider


Precisely match to the lawyers most likely to create value for you.

Evaluate your providers


Evaluate your relationships by value created and alignment with your company values.



Use deep insights about your relationships to get more value at lower cost from your providers.

Effective AI puts you in control

In getting you the right data to make better relationship decisions, we establish a data foundation that our AI uses to help you continuously get more value from your providers.

We reshape data into a semantic model that works for you, not the other way around.
Data is integrated into the model to enable you to see patterns and gaps.
Our product enriches your understanding and fills gaps with data you could never use before.
As you learn the machine does too and as you get smarter it gets better at helping you.

Start Taking Control