We help companies establish efficient legal processes that support collaboration, AI-supported learning, and smarter decision-making over time


Companies big and small are faced with a range of legal questions. To solve them they need to combine their own internal expertise with that of external legal experts. But most companies do this through spreadsheets, email, or systems designed for other things.

Hence’s AI-powered platform transforms how companies solve their legal questions – saving time, improving quality, and accelerating learning.


Hence creates a single knowledge-base to harness what you know about your internal and external legal experts.
If you have existing legal processes, we make them more intuitive and data-driven. If you don’t, we help you establish them the right way.

We enable collaboration and AI-supported learning so that you get smarter over time.


Our backend is powered by Palantir Foundry, an ontology-based data operations system deployed in the most complex and high-value government and commercial use cases.

Learn more about our unique relationship with Palantir.


Hence empowers companies big and small to transform their incomplete and disconnected legal processes into intuitive data-driven legal operations.

This saves time, cuts costs, improves outcomes, and drives efficiency.
“The legal industry has always suffered from a lack of data about performance and value, creating the conditions for an imperfect marketplace. Hence is changing this and enabling their clients to make better value-based decisions to be made by their clients.”
Al Giles, former Chief Revenue Officer at Axiom
“Hence sheds light on a company’s knowledge supply chain, ultimately amplifying company values through the entire value chain.”
Lisa Shu, Executive Director Newton Venture Program
“Hence brings together the information teams need to transform how they run legal operations, making it easier for management and GCs to implement and manage policies and giving them control they have never had before.”
Juan Pujadas, Former Vice-Chair PWC Global Advisory Services
“The information and intelligence Hence can offer is vital and beneficial for clients.”
Peter Smith, Author of Bad Buying
“Hence has a pioneering solution to this pervasive and costly problem built in an innovative and actionable way.”
Michael Brunt, Former GM of The Times & Publisher/COO of The Economist

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