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Our approach to hiring is fair, efficient, and transformative.

We are intentional in our hiring, and are constantly working to remove bias. This ethos follows through to our software, where removing bias from the knowledge provider process is one of our top priorities.

We believe in transforming the legal services world, and building this future requires a team that is thoughtful, diverse, and empathetic.

We believe in a strong work ethic, but we also understand that we are not machines. A work-life balance is important, and actively seeking out time and space to decompress, reflect, and enjoy our lives is what makes us better people – inside and outside of work.

No open positions
No open positions at the moment. If you think you exceptionally stand out and can be of value to Hence, feel free to reach out.

Application Process.

Whenever we have open position, there are several steps in the application process, but it starts with two things:

  1. Completion of the Screening Project
  2. Submit your application through the openings above
Application Steps

Upon completion of your project, the process will generally look something like:

  1. Hence hiring team reviews project/resume.
  2. Successful candidates will be invited to an initial phone screening.
  3. Successful candidates will be invited to an onsite or remote interview block with several people from the Hence hiring team.
  4. Successful candidates will receive an offer.

We aim to make the process as clear and quick as possible, however, not everyone’s process will be this straightforward. In some instances we will modify the steps, either because we want to explore some area further or, as likely, because we are wrangling with schedules.

Further, we know that applying for jobs can be stressful and frustrating so we try our best to provide meaningful feedback to any unsuccessful candidates. If we failed to do that for you, please send us an email and we will do our best to fix that.