Revantage Innovates Management of Law Firm Relationships with Hence Technologies

Revantage’s team, from paralegals to attorneys (including the Chief Legal Officer), are using Hence to quickly and easily understand all of their historical relationships, from their most strategic law firm relationships down to individual attorneys supporting critical matters. Legal teams are using this knowledge to select attorneys for new matters, manage those relationships, and easily share their experiences with colleagues. The CLO and legal operations head are using all of this information to build upon their most valuable external relationships and establish new ones to fill service gaps.

Working with Hence Technologies, an innovative London and Kigali-based start-up founded by alumni of Palantir Technologies, Eurasia Group, and UBS, Revantage is eliminating knowledge silos before they can form and saving countless attorney hours in the process. New staff can get up to speed on complex relationships in minutes without needing extensive training.

Experienced staff can continue to evolve their understanding as Hence enriches what the organization knows with external data about the firms they are working with, from new service offerings and office locations to strategic hires and departures. Everyone can benefit from everyone else’s experiences by giving and requesting feedback, from “Who would you go to for your most critical matter” to “who is good value for money?’”, all of which feeds back into the organizational knowledge base.

Piero Bussani, Chief Legal Officer at Revantage, commented “When I joined Revantage as Chief Legal Officer, we had hundreds of law firm relationships, which was hard to manage and had many potential risks. I consolidated those to a smaller list which I concluded would drive the best results. I was driven to find technology to help me further innovate how I managed my law firm relationships. Hence partnered with Revantage Legal to create an innovative solution that addresses multiple needs and which has resulted in increased efficiency, improved performance, data-driven legal decision making, and cost savings.”

Lauren Isaacson, who leads legal operations at Revantage notes, “With Hence, Revantage is now able to align its law firm relationships with its organizational strategy, vision, and values. Hence’s solution for Revantage captures disparate data and multiple legal department workstreams, then streamlines these into one solution that serves as a single place for our collective knowledge. We are then able to use Hence to provide real-time feedback on how engagements are progressing and whether law firms and attorneys are performing to our expectations. As the person running Revantage’s legal operations, this makes my life much easier.”

Hence Co-Founder Sean West said, “It is a privilege to partner with Piero, Lauren and the legal team at Revantage, as they are true innovators in the space. Companies know they should be using data to better establish and build their legal relationships, however, most companies struggle to organize and use the most relevant data to help them get where they want to go. In partnering with Revantage we have been able to more deeply understand the specific challenges legal teams face in getting the most out of their legal relationships to build a data-backed product that is both sophisticated and easy-to-use.”

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